Candidate Placement

Permanent and Interim C-Suite

At Navigant Global, we understand the intricacies of CFO, CTO, CIO and Vice President roles. We appreciate how important it is to look at the finer details that are difficult to quantify. The Navigant Global team will find the right candidate for these critical roles within your organization. Upon completion of filling this assignment, our fee is a percentage of annualized compensation to include base salary and bonus.

Information Technology

We source qualified candidates in high end IT careers including specialized, hard-to-find software and application developers. Our team not only works with highly qualified professionals actively seeking new opportunities, but we’re also connected to a large bank of “passive candidates” .

Construction Industry Contractors

Subcontractor placement is contingency based on completion of subcontractor agreement, collection of all required insurance coverages, and submission of a completion packet of all requirements.  Fees are flat rate per placement.

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